Sending File to Us

Sending File to Us


1. We only accept PDF and JPEG files. PDF – Provide better quality outcome. – For PDF setting please refer to tutorial at our website: JPEG / TIFF – Provides good quality outcome if the file is converted under certain specifications. Text or vector images appear less sharp compared to PDF file format. – JPEG file format : Set resolution at or above 600dpi – TIFF file format : Set resolution at or above 300dpi


1. DO NOT use the following in your file name: – Punctuation marks (ie. ! ? ( ) [ ] { } : / “ ; , . etc.) – Symbols / General Typography (ie. @ # * $ % + & > ~ etc.) – Unicodes (ie. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.) 2. Except for hyphen ( – ) and underscore ( _ ), please refrain from adding punctuation marks, symbols or foreign types to your file name as it will become illegible when you upload your file to us, thereby making it difficult for us to identify your file. Hence, best keep it simple with alphanumeric file names.


You will be required to upload your artwork file (PDF file format) to us during the ordering process. (Not applicable to artwork file sent by CD)

Smaller than 20MB

Send by web – Attach your artwork file to the online ordering form before submittiang your order

Large than 20MB

Send by CD – During ordering process, you will be required to key in your file name to print out a CD label (available at our website). Compile your artwork files into a CD and mail/courier to us together with the printed CD label. Please take note that this process will delay your turnaround.

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