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These wobblers are printed on durable, high-quality material, which makes them perfect for regular use. Our wobblers include clear plastic holders with double-sided tapes.

Fast and easy application, these durable wobblers come in various sizes and templates for you to choose from and are great for indoor and outdoor use. Our prints are durable and last for a long time without fading.

Full color (4C)

Preparing Die-cut artwork:

~ All Wobbler Include Clear Plastic Holder With Double Sided Tapes

Acceptable File format:
(.pdf, .jpg, .ai)

Cut-Off Time:
3:00 p.m.

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You MUST download and use the correct Product Size Templates to prepare your artwork. These templates do not contain any designs. They are specific application files which include predefined guide-lines indicating bleed, safety, and trim lines. Preparing artwork in your own template may not meet our sizing specifications and may be rejected. These templates can help eliminate artwork setting error.

Download Template (*.ai)

  • Portrait
  1. W01P
  2. W02P
  3. W03P
  • Landscape
  1. W01L
  2. W02L
  3. W03L
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There are many ways to get your design done economically:

  1. Engage a freelancer via Fiverr (most of the services are USD5 only), or
  2. DIY your design via Canva (its free and there are tons of templates to use). However there are some little detail to take note (very simple one)

Notes when designing via Canva:

  1. Enter the actual dimension of the print.
  2. Remember to show print bleed (File > Show Print Bleed).
  3. When done, download PDF Print with Crop marks and bleed checked.
  4. Upload this pdf to us when placing orders.

Disclaimer: Expressprint is not related nor affiliated with canva.com. Should you need further assistance, contact Canva directly.

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