[Calendar] 01. Desk & Wall Calendar Artwork Specification

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Calendar Product Artwork Specification


Artwork Dimension


Artwork Dimension


– 2mm from all sides of the edge

Margin (Safe Zone)

– 5mm from all sides of the edge
– Except top side, 13mm from edge
(8mm Wire-O Hole Punching + 5mm Safe Zone)


Wire-O Information



-Ensure all the image are in CMYK color mode.
-Ensure resolution of all images are set to 300dpi or above.


-Font size is not less than 4.0points.


-Line thickness is not less that 0.25points

File Preparation

-Artwork is saved in required file format Adobe Acrobat Document 4 – version 1.3 (.pdf).
-Resolution 300dpi and color mode CMYK.
-PDF files must prepare for artwork according types of product.

Page Arrangement for Soft and Hard Cover Wire-O Desk Calendar in ONE PDF file

File 1. xxxxxPDF_c
-Page 1: Front Cover (FC)
-Page 2: Inside Front Cover (IFC)
-Page 3: Content 1 (January)
-Page 4: Content 2 (February)
-Page 5: Content 3 (March)
-Page 6: Content 4 (April)
-Page 7: Content 5 (May)
-Page 8: Content 6 (June)
-Page 9: Content 7 (July)
-Page 10: Content 8 (August)
-Page 11: Content 9 (September)
-Page 12: Content 10 (October)
-Page 13: Content 11 (November)
-Page 14: Content 12 (December)
-Page 15: Inside Back Cover (IBC)
-Page 16: Back Cover (BC)

Marking and Trapping

-Do not apply any crop mark and trapping to your files, including box or bleeding marking or margin marking.