[Bill Book] 02. How to prepare artwork for Bill Book

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How to Prepare Artwork for Bill Book

How to Choose the Right Product Size Template for your Desire Bill Book Specification.

Kindly determine the following before starting on your Bill Book design:
1. Size – Refer Product Specification
2. Bill Book Type – Book (Stitching & Taping) or Pad (Padding)
3. Book Format – Portrait or Landscape
4. Binding Location – Top or Left
5. Hole Punching Requirement – Yes or No (Refer Product Specification – Hole Punching availability)


Size: 210mm x 297mm
Bill Book Type: Book
Book Format: Portrait
Binding Location: Left
Hole Punching Requirement: Yes

Step 01 – Download Product Size Template



Step 02 – Unzip Folder


Step 03 – Start Designing (Kindly refer to Artwork Specification) – Front Page


Step 04 – Start Designing (Kindly refer to Artwork Specification) – Back Page

1. Only 1 spot colour can be applied for Back Artwork.
2. You MUST use spot colour toning between 60% – 70% for back printing


Step 05 – Ensure Black is in the range of 60% and 70% toning


Step 06 – Create Outlines


Step 07 – Save as PDF File Format