[Hand Fan] 01. Hand Fan Artwork Specification

Hand Fan Artwork Specification


Bleeding – Full bleeding 2mm from all sides of the edges. Safe Zone – 3mm from all sides edges. – 30mm x 33mm for PP handle.

Small Model

Medium Model / Large Model

File Format

– Final artwork file format : Adobe Acrobat Document (*.pdf) – File Resolution : 300 dpi – File Size : Below 5MB / file – Color Mode : Process CMYK mode


– You must convert to curve, or create outlines, or convert to path (depending on your illustration software) before you convert or export your raw file to PDF file format. Minimum font size : 4pts

Line Weight

– Line weight : ≥ 0.25pts for all lines. – Color Mode : Process CMYK mode

Marking & Trapping

– Remove all the crop mark or guide lines before submit the artwork.

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